Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6

Ouch. This was a really rough week. Quite a few upsets in my mind. Ones that I did not see coming haha.

Browns Upset New York 35-14

Really didn't see this coming. The Giants have looked really good so far this year. Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards finally had the games they were looking for. The Browns just straight up played better than the Giants.

Chargers beat New England 30-10

Not really an upset here. Both teams needed the win and everyone knew it was going to be a pretty good game, but this was a big win for the Bolts. I thought the game would go New Englands way but Philip Rivers had a great game and the Chargers were just clicking on both sides of the ball. The Pats really need to figure everything out fast or they wont have a chance...their clock is slipping because the

Jets beat the Bengals 26-14.

Favre I think is one of the best things that could have happened to the Jets. Does anyone really think that Chad could have done this well with the Jets? They would have a losing record again compared to the 3 win 2 loss season they have now. Sure it was just the 0 and 6 Bengals, but I seriously believe that the Bengals are a better team than the are showing right now.

Speaking about Chad, the Dolphins lost by one to the Texans 29-28.

Now that the Texans finally have their first win, watch for a small charge by them. They aren't good enough to get to the playoffs, but I think that they could get to .500 if they try hard enough. And how about the game Schuab had? 22 for 42 for 379 yards. Sure you will more than likely have a good game as a quarterback if you throw that many passes, but i think 379 is pretty impressive since the Texans aren't that good.

Colts 31 Ravens 24

What is happening to the Ravens. They were looking so good earlier in the season, and now there is a huge drop off. The Colts are coming starting to come back to the team we all know, but still...poor Ravens.

Packers 21 Seahawks 17

Mike is really going out on top isn't he? He can't really help it. He has about half his starters going and a back up quarterback named Charlie Frye. When your quarterback only throws for 83 yards and your running back only runs for 44 yards, it is EXTREAMLY hard to win.

Vikings 12 Lions 10

This game showed how much Brad Childress needs to go. Last week he blamed the loss of the punter and this week on AD. Sure a running back shouldn't fumble, but any coach would take those fumbles to have Peterson. It of course could never be because they have the worst coach in the NFL...not at all. Gus and Berrian both had great games.

Saints 34 Raiders 3

I thought this would be a much better game. The Raiders have so much potential to be a good team, but they can't do it without knowing who their coach is. Al Davis is a moron. He needs to go like Matt Millen needed to leave the lions. In the Saints defense, Drew Brees is a beast.

Falcons 22 Bears 20

I was only off by one point in this game WOO HOO. It was also 1 of the only 3 games I got right. The last second play showed why Matt Ryan will be fine in this company. And what a catch by Jenkins, even if it shouldn't be complete according to Arthur Blank(Falcon's owner). Roddy White is making this learning season of Ryan's easy. Atlanta is looking great...I'd be scared if I would have to face them in the playoffs(like they should be).

Bucs 27 Panthers 3

This is another game I thought would be better. I had the feeling the Bucs would win but not by this much.NFC South beware...both teams are doing really well, and it should just be interesting to see how both team's seasons play out.

Eagles 40 Niners 26

I thought this would be another wider-margined game than it was. Everyone knew the Eagles were going to win, and they did in pretty convincing fasion, but they just don't seem like the dominating team they were in the beginning of the season.

Cardinals 30 Dallas 24(OT)

Who woulda thunk the Cards would be 4 and 2. Not me. Who also would have though that they would be the Cowboys? Nobody. Now with Tony Romo and Felix Jones out for a little while, who thinks they will be the force they were last year(at least for the Romo-less stretch)? Nobody.

Jacksonville 24 Denver 17

Jacksonville got themselves up to .500 and the Broncos just hit a bump in the road. Michael Pittman stepped up big when they needed him, but it just wasn't quite enough. The reason it wasn't quite enough? Because MJD was just too much for the Broncs.

Rams 19 Redskins 17

I was way off on this game. I expected the Redskins to do great against the lowly Rams, but maybe the coaching change was what the Rams needed. Or maybe it was just a fluke. We shall see later in the year...

All I have left to say is I REALLY hope the prediction for next week games goes better...and I'm sure they well... I will probably be back after all the trades go through by 4pm eastern time.

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