Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NFL season review in my eyes

I was thinking that I wanted to do something that showed what I thought about each team without writing a story for each team. So what I am going to do is give a short summary of what I see for each team alphabetically. Another thing...I could care less about what their schedule is. There are good teams and bad teams, and that is what I am focusing on.

Arizona Cardinals

The way I see it, the Cardinals have had the taste of the Super Bowl, so they are going to make sure they do well enough to get back into the playoffs, and I don't see them not doing that. They are a very strong team with a great cast of players. They are in a weak division(NFC West), with the only team that should give them problems being Seattle. Expect them to be a force this year and more than likely have a first round bye.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are one of those scary teams that fly under the radar. They have the quarterback, the running back, the receivers, and a pretty good defense. The one thing that could hold them back is that they are in a division that could be very competitive. Each team could possibly fight for a playoff chance. That said, I do think that the Falcons will be a wild-card team. They can only build on last years success, and I think that they will.

Baltimore Ravens

Now this is a really good team. They have everything that a team could want. If it wasn't for the Steelers, I would easily say that could be Super Bowl bound. I'm still going to say they can get there, but they will have a very tough time getting there. The AFC is just packed with great teams. I personally love the Ravens. They should make a great push to get deep into the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills

I really don't know what to say about the Bills. They went and got one of the top 5 receivers this offseason. But do they have a complete team? That will be a question until about 4 or 5 games into the season. I think they are good enough to get 9-7, but the question is, will they?

Carolina Panthers

I like the Panthers. I always have. They just seem to always have something big happen every year...usually with either Jake Delhomme or Steve Smith. If they can stay healthy, they can be one heck of a team.

Chicago Bears

Da Bears. They are always one of those teams that have all the talent to be good, but always have/had a missing piece. It's up to you to decide if that missing piece has been found with Jay Cutler. He is a good quarterback, but I think he is overrated. He will help the bears though. They won't win the division. That should go to the Vikings.

Cincinnati Bengals

There is no reason why this team should not be good. Carson Palmer is back and he says he feels good. Chad Ocho Cinco has been talking a lot of trash. Ocho knows he had a bad season and wants to show everybody that he is still one of the best in the league. Is he? I don't know. I have faith in him. They could do some damage and surprise a lot of people/teams.

Cleveland Browns

Who knows what will happen with the Browns. They have two very overrated quarterbacks in my eyes. Their wideouts seem to be in a huge funk...Braylon Edwards couldn't catch a pass to save his life last year. I'm not expecting much out of them, and hopefully you don't either.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys need to get better soon, or Wade Philips will be out of a job. Jerry Jones doesn't dish out tons of money for a good team to have them blow it every single year. I'm not sure Tony Romo is a good enough quarterback to get them over the hump they slide down every year. I don't think the loss of T.O. will be a huge loss. They have a good core of receivers, so that will be good for them. They just need to stop choking in big situations.

Denver Broncos

Do not expect much out of them...they have Kyle Orton as a quarterback. He has more bad years than good. They do have a good run game, and the possibility of a good defense, but I would say just don't hope for the best. You will be better off hoping for the worst.

Detroit Lions

There was a huge overhaul with the Lions. New coaches, new players, and even new jerseys. This season will go one of two ways. They will either surprise the heck out of everybody, or fail miserably. Don't expect another o-16 season though. If Culpepper starts, they will do well. If Stanford starts, I won't be expecting much of anything. I have a strong belief, and I could be wrong, that he is a quarterback with way way way too much hype.

Green Bay Packers

I LOVE the Pack. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pack. They've been my favorite since I grew up an hour north of them in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. They are another team with so much talent on their team, but I don't think they know what to do with it. It's possible they will win the division, but I am just not sure that they will be able to overtake the Vikings.

Houston Texans

Houston is one of those teams that could be good but just can't put everything together. They have a good quarterback, great running back, but the defense is one that has to concern fans. They will either be real good or average like they have been.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are the Colts. As long as they have a healthy Payton Manning, they will be good. Same goes for this year. If Manning stays healthy, the colts will be fine.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags must be one of the most frustrated teams in the league. Year in and year out they have a great team, but they can never do what they should be doing. This year will be no different. They will be 8-8 or close to it, and once again no playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs

I really do think the Chiefs could be good this year. They are my dark horse...the Cardinals from last year...maybe not that great of a run, but they could be real good. They have a quarterback with nothing to lose, a running back that wants to show he still has what it takes to play in the league, a new coach, and a good defense. I really do think they will be the team to surprise everybody.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins relied heavily on the wildcat last year, and now everybody knows it and a lot of teams will be using it. Ronnie Brown will have another good year, Chad Pennington will show he is a good quarterback, and the defense will be good once again. Playoffs, I'm not sure. But they have a decent chance.

Minnesota Vikings

I like the Vikings this year. They are such a good team, and as long as they get their quarterback problem figured out, they will be spectacular. They have the best running back in the league, pretty good receivers, a good defense like every year, and happy players. The biggest question with the Vikes is their offensive line, but even with Matt Burk gone, I think it will be just fine.

New England Patriots

The Pats are the Pats. They have every chance to get back to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is back and healthy, they have great receivers, good running backs, and a real good defense. They can do whatever they want to do, and they want to show that they aren't done with the dominance yet.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints could be so good. They have an offense that could be really good, but I don't know about their defense. If Brees plays like he did last year, Bush becomes what he is/was expected to be, and the defense steps up, they will be one of the best teams this year.

New York Giants

The biggest, and real only question with the Giants, is the wide receivers. Are their current receivers good enough? That should be the only question. They are good...probably playoff good.

New York Jets

Give the Jets and Sanchez a year or 2 to develop. They will be good this year, but they should be pretty good in a few years. No playoffs.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are either going to be a hit or miss. I hate how Al Davis runs the team, but the players just don't ever seem to care on that team. They won't be the worst team in the league, but they won't be even close to the best.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles will do pretty much what they did last year. They will make it to the playoffs and fizzle out again. They are the Cowboys with different uniforms and less money.

Pittsburgh Steelers

What a perfect team. They have everything. A good quarterback, good receivers, good running backs, and the best defense in the league. They have another chance to be unstoppable like last year. Super Bowl bound you ask? I think so, but it all depends on the Patriots and Ravens.

San Diego Chargers

The big things with the Chargers are Does Tomlinson still have it and Can Sproles hold up for a whole season of beating? They have a quarterback that is solid, a good defense and a good everything else, but their running game makes me wonder.

San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are still trying to build...it's been a long time, but they should start showing improvement this year. Also, Micheal Crabtree needs to get over himself. If not, he will cause more problems then he helps.

Seattle Seahawks

I have no clue what the Seahawks will do. I have to say they will be ok, but no playoffs. They have a "new" coach and it's almost as if they are rebuilding a little. They are still good, but they don't really make me excited.

St. Louis Rams

The Rams have a lot of talent. Great running back and a very well rounded team. They too though seem to be rebuilding and not quite sure where or what they are building. No playoffs, but they will be better than last year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the Bucs had a quarterback and still had Monte Kiffin, I'd say they are going to be solid, but I just don't believe they will be solid. They have below average quarterbacks, and who knows how their defense will be. They won't be bad, but they won't be playoff good.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a great year last year until they lost in the playoffs. They will again be good, but not as good. They will put up a great fight for the playoffs, and they might just barely make it, but they won't do much if they do get in.

Washington Redskins

The 'Skins just don't impress me either. Jason Campbell finally will have the same system as last year, but they just are a very average team. Very very average. They will do better than last year but I don't think they will be in the playoffs this year.

Final Thoughts

I think this will be a good year. There are quite a few good teams, and I think that every team has improved from last year. There will still be bad teams and there will still be good teams, but there shouldn't be another 0-16 team this year. It's a very early prediction, but I think it is a very good possibility that the Super Bowl this year could be the same as last year. There shouldn't be any huge surprises though.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I was trying to figure out who and what to write about and one thing a friend of mine brought up was Steve McNair. I was going to do it, but then I realized that everything has been written about already. The good and the bad. So then I came to my next topic(which again has had a ton written about him, mostly negative)...Brett Favre. I am a huge fan of his and always will be.

It pains me to sit here and read all the negative press surrounding him. Everyone just thinks he should retire and maybe go into broadcasting or coaching or whatever. He is old(I believe he is like 39 or something, which is about 60 in football years), worn down(shoulder problems last year) and washed up. My argument is this. He is old, but he still plays with the love and excitement of a starter in a Superbowl who just threw the winning touchdown in overtime. He has taken beating after beating, hit after hit and has never missed a game since his first come from behind win back in 92. He has been extremely durable throughout his career with 269 straight starts. No other quarterback is even close to that milestone. While he may have struggled a little last year, it wasn't all his fault. The Jets' offensive line was a fine cheese that rats had gotten a hold of. The Wide Receivers, while good, were very inconsistent. Add to that, the Defense was just pathetic, so that hurt his win total. The late season collapse was mostly his fault though. He was hurt and for some reason he kept himself in and the coaches didn't take him out so, now that I think about it, there should be dual blame.

His fall from grace started when he first announced his retirement with the Packers. He had the tear-filled press conference where he spilled his heart with the world, and if you payed attention, you could see he was hurt. He was retiring from the thing he loved and the thing he knew about more than anything. It was later revealed that he was allegedly forced out of Green Bay by Ted Thompson(which I fully believe since he has always wanted a team of HIS players, even in Seattle) and even when he said he wanted to un-retire, Thompson was outraged. He first of all said that Favre would have to be a backup. After Packer fans everywhere complained and asked for Ted's head, he backed off a little and said that Favre could compete for the starting job. It was highly expected that Ted Thompson would NEVER have let Aaron Rodgers lose the starting job. There was also the contract offer of 20 million dollars to just sit at home and maybe make some public appearances for the Packers. Favre still wanted to play. And he still does. You could see it when he announced the retirement. This time is different though. When he asked for his release from the Jets, it was so that the Jets wouldn't have to pay anything and he could go and show Ted Thompson twice a year that he made a huge mistake by spitting in Favre's face.

I say way to go Favre. It may just be a way to seek revenge on his old boss, but wouldn't every one of you love to do that to someone that once told you that you are worthless? Wouldn't you love to go to a competing company and show your old boss that you are extremely valuable still and you can still do whatever you do better than just about every other person in the industry? That's what Favre wants. He wants to go out on a high note and retire when he wants to, not when another person wants him to. For that I applaud him. I think it is great, and while I am a Packer fan with all my heart, I will have to break the one rule I thought I would never have to break and root for the Vikings. I will be bleeding all kinds of color this year. There will be purple, white, green, and gold pouring from whatever cuts i get. Mark my words too...the Vikings will be dominant this year. They finally will have the missing piece that they need for the puzzle. They now will have the best running back in the league, a dominant defense, a real good offensive line(I'd say great, but Matt Burk is no longer a Viking as you all know) and a solid receiving corps. Add to that a quarterback that can still play real well, and you have yourself one heck of a team. Will that amount to a Superbowl trip or win? Only time will tell. But all I know is when the Packers play the Vikings on October 5th and November 1st, I am going to be chanting GO VIKES GO! Favre will get his revenge this year...oh yes he will. And will it be a bittersweet win for Favre and all Favre fans who know the real story of the Favre saga.

next topic: Favre

Hey guys and gals. Sorry about the inconstancy of when I post. I promise...PROMISE, I will start writing a new entry at least once/week, sometimes more. Just have to get back into the swing of things. The next one will come either today or tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm back and ready to go! First topic. Michael Vick.

So I was trying to think about what to come back with, and I figured I would start off with what seems a very controversial topic in the sports world...Michael Vick coming back to the NFL/football. It seems like the majority of people believe that while what Vick did was extremely bad and he should pay for his sponsoring dog fighting, that he already paid his dues and deserves another chance. He spent time in prison, lost the majority of his possessions, lost a lot of respect from the people he personally needs respect from, and lost a lot of time on the football field. It will be a long time until he is financially stable, if he ever is again.

On the other hand, he tortured and murdered dogs that if raised right, would have been great house pets. He paid money to teach dogs to attack other dogs and for others to do the same. He won and lost money in the fights that took place in his back yard. It has been a long time since the nation has witnessed something like that on our own soil. PETA is saying that they will back off MV if he will show he is remorseful for his actions.(Personally, I think PETA is a group of nut cases. The majority should be checked into a psychiatric ward as evidenced here. That is just my opinion though.) He has yet to do so which makes people wonder if he is truly remorseful.

So, what is my opinion you may ask? Well I fully believe there can be equal ground. Let Michael Vick play, because you are not only hurting him, but you are hurting the fans that still remain with him. You are hurting the game by taking away possibly one of the most exciting quarterbacks my generation knows, a quarterback that could and can possibly still run like a running back and at the same time pass like Kyle Orton during his good games. He was and possibly could still be a very exciting quarterback. Our version of Fran Tarkenton. He would be a great draw at games. Teams with horrible attendance should pick him up. Their attendance would be up for at least half a season with the usual fans and others just to boo him. While there may be some bad P.R., it would bring more people into the stadium and he could help the team win. He would play(I'm sure) for the veteran minimum just to prove himself. He wants to play again and prove himself to everybody.

Which leads to making him look better in the eyes of PETA and the nation. He really wants to play football, and I'm sure with anybody. Any team could make up a special contract just for him to where he HAS to volunteer a certain number of hours at a humane society or something of similar nature, make Public Service Announcements for TV and Radio, and go talk at schools and anywhere else where he could make an impact. It would lessen the PR hit on the team who takes him while also possibly making PETA happy. It would make the team look like it cares for the player and community.

The biggest obstacle will be talking Roger Goodell into accepting him back into the league and finding a team who would want him. It can and hopefully will be done, because I think that the NFL and football in general needs someone like Michael Vick, to make the game even more interesting than it is right now. We have Adrian Peterson(the Minnesota version), Payton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald. Why not add a player to bring the game something that it doesn't have right now... a true scrambling quarterback. I am all for it, and I can't wait until it happens again...if it does.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm back

Sorry for all of you people who were reading. I promise I am pretty much back. I am going to kind of change it up a little, especially for the summer. I will still have rundowns of games and stuff, but since I am way more football minded, I am just going to make it kind of more an opinion blog, for at least now. Well, give me a day or two so I can get back into the swing of things, and I will then hopefully entertain you...

Andrew B

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6

Ouch. This was a really rough week. Quite a few upsets in my mind. Ones that I did not see coming haha.

Browns Upset New York 35-14

Really didn't see this coming. The Giants have looked really good so far this year. Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards finally had the games they were looking for. The Browns just straight up played better than the Giants.

Chargers beat New England 30-10

Not really an upset here. Both teams needed the win and everyone knew it was going to be a pretty good game, but this was a big win for the Bolts. I thought the game would go New Englands way but Philip Rivers had a great game and the Chargers were just clicking on both sides of the ball. The Pats really need to figure everything out fast or they wont have a chance...their clock is slipping because the

Jets beat the Bengals 26-14.

Favre I think is one of the best things that could have happened to the Jets. Does anyone really think that Chad could have done this well with the Jets? They would have a losing record again compared to the 3 win 2 loss season they have now. Sure it was just the 0 and 6 Bengals, but I seriously believe that the Bengals are a better team than the are showing right now.

Speaking about Chad, the Dolphins lost by one to the Texans 29-28.

Now that the Texans finally have their first win, watch for a small charge by them. They aren't good enough to get to the playoffs, but I think that they could get to .500 if they try hard enough. And how about the game Schuab had? 22 for 42 for 379 yards. Sure you will more than likely have a good game as a quarterback if you throw that many passes, but i think 379 is pretty impressive since the Texans aren't that good.

Colts 31 Ravens 24

What is happening to the Ravens. They were looking so good earlier in the season, and now there is a huge drop off. The Colts are coming starting to come back to the team we all know, but still...poor Ravens.

Packers 21 Seahawks 17

Mike is really going out on top isn't he? He can't really help it. He has about half his starters going and a back up quarterback named Charlie Frye. When your quarterback only throws for 83 yards and your running back only runs for 44 yards, it is EXTREAMLY hard to win.

Vikings 12 Lions 10

This game showed how much Brad Childress needs to go. Last week he blamed the loss of the punter and this week on AD. Sure a running back shouldn't fumble, but any coach would take those fumbles to have Peterson. It of course could never be because they have the worst coach in the NFL...not at all. Gus and Berrian both had great games.

Saints 34 Raiders 3

I thought this would be a much better game. The Raiders have so much potential to be a good team, but they can't do it without knowing who their coach is. Al Davis is a moron. He needs to go like Matt Millen needed to leave the lions. In the Saints defense, Drew Brees is a beast.

Falcons 22 Bears 20

I was only off by one point in this game WOO HOO. It was also 1 of the only 3 games I got right. The last second play showed why Matt Ryan will be fine in this company. And what a catch by Jenkins, even if it shouldn't be complete according to Arthur Blank(Falcon's owner). Roddy White is making this learning season of Ryan's easy. Atlanta is looking great...I'd be scared if I would have to face them in the playoffs(like they should be).

Bucs 27 Panthers 3

This is another game I thought would be better. I had the feeling the Bucs would win but not by this much.NFC South beware...both teams are doing really well, and it should just be interesting to see how both team's seasons play out.

Eagles 40 Niners 26

I thought this would be another wider-margined game than it was. Everyone knew the Eagles were going to win, and they did in pretty convincing fasion, but they just don't seem like the dominating team they were in the beginning of the season.

Cardinals 30 Dallas 24(OT)

Who woulda thunk the Cards would be 4 and 2. Not me. Who also would have though that they would be the Cowboys? Nobody. Now with Tony Romo and Felix Jones out for a little while, who thinks they will be the force they were last year(at least for the Romo-less stretch)? Nobody.

Jacksonville 24 Denver 17

Jacksonville got themselves up to .500 and the Broncos just hit a bump in the road. Michael Pittman stepped up big when they needed him, but it just wasn't quite enough. The reason it wasn't quite enough? Because MJD was just too much for the Broncs.

Rams 19 Redskins 17

I was way off on this game. I expected the Redskins to do great against the lowly Rams, but maybe the coaching change was what the Rams needed. Or maybe it was just a fluke. We shall see later in the year...

All I have left to say is I REALLY hope the prediction for next week games goes better...and I'm sure they well... I will probably be back after all the trades go through by 4pm eastern time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 6 quick

So I just wanted to say that I pretty much sucked at life this week. I'll have the rundown probably tomarrow, but just wanted to point out that I have NEVER been as wrong as I have this week.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

something you all should check out(not so much a sports thing but kind of)

It is no shocker that I am a huge fan of ESPN. It might be a shock that I am an even bigger fan of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (aka Lil Wayne). I am one of the whitest guys you will ever know besides my musical tastes(even then there is a lot of whiteness in it haha). Well Weezy has been doing blogs on ESPN for a lil while and I really think you should check the newest one out. He really is knowledgeable in the area of sports. He knows his stuff. He's an avid Packers fan(which gives me more respect for him, although, who doesn't like the Pack besides the people like Viking fans and bear fans and lions fans and ect...) Go check it out. Here is the link.


I know you will like it. It is very well done and heck, it's lil wayne talking sports, so it's a win win situation.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kiffin/Russell story

Just a short one today. Here is a story for you to read from profootballtalk.com (one of my favorite websites. They have stuff posted before anyone else!)

Posted by Mike Florio on October 9, 2008, 11:04 a.m. EDT

That sound you hear in the distance is every laser printer in the Raiders organization spitting out a cease and desist letter.
Amazingly, fired Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin has been contacting quarterback JaMarcus Russell. With coaching advice.
For example, Kiffin called Russell on Monday night to discuss the Saints’ defense. The Raiders play in New Orleans on Sunday.
He just called and talked to me about their defense, things he would do if he was here,” Russell said, according to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times. “So, really, nothing changed.”
And it wasn’t an isolated incident.
“He has got a lot of off time on his hands,” Russell said, “so he would pay attention to the defense I would have to go up against. He leaves me a text message or a voice mail here or there.”
There’s no way that this chapter of the Davis vs. Kiffin feud ends well. The Raiders have coaches in place to tell Russell how to do his job. Kiffin is no longer one of them. Regardless of whether you’re in the pro-Raiders or anti-Raiders camp, Kiffin needs to keep his nose out of the situation.
The same theory applies in any other workplace in the world. Once an employee has been fired — especially when that employee had a key role in the organization — the employee should not be calling up his past subordinates with advice on how to do their jobs.
Though the Raiders are currently as dysfunctional as a pro sports franchise west of Detroit can get, a responsible organization would take swift and decisive action to bring all communication between the current quarterback and former head coach to an end.

I see nothing wrong with this. Kiffin still is taking an interest in the development in Russell and i believe there is no difference with that and high school or college coaches giving advice. It seems like Kiffin, who I am a big fan of, is just pointing out stuff that the coaches might not catch in game film or that the coaches have caught, told JaMarcus to pay extra attention to it. It doesn’t seem like he is telling Russell to blow off his coaches and listen to him. He is still taking interest in the team and Russell and it will only help him and the Raiders in the long run. They have an extra pair of eyes watching the games of their opponents and them. Nothing wrong with what he is doing at all. He isn’t working for another team so it isn’t tampering. This story has me kind of mad because it's a total over reaction on all the reporters part. I guarantee that as soon as Al Davis finds out, it will be more anti-kiffin propaganda spewing out of his wrinkly face. I am not a fan of Al's what so ever. I'm done with my rant. haha. Have a nice day. I'll write again soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 6 pre-games

So, since I really haven't posted much lately, I'm going to have a nice long post. I will be going over and giving my thoughts on each game this week with a score. Will I be right with the scores? Highly doubtful but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Ravens @ Colts:

Should be an interesting game. You look at it and say "easy win for the Ravens"(at least that's what I thought). The more I got to thinking though, it should really be a good game. It seems like maybe the Colts offense is starting to pick it up a little and maybe, just maybe the defense is getting better. It's a stretch I know, but if I'm right, it should be a close game

Ravens over the Colts 24-21

Lions @ Vikings

I'd like to say this will be a good game, but not even close. The Lions defense is pretty non existent and that goes for the offense too. It is quite sad that the Lions have 2 great receivers that can't really prove themselves. Everyone knows Roy Williams is quality, but nobody really knows about Calvin Johnson. He has showed bursts, but he also hasn't had a good quarterback for a while. Matt Millen really messed them up. With the Lions D being as bad as it is, AD will run all over them and Gus will throw all over the field. Won't be a game worth watching unless you have AD on your team to see him make a run at the 300 yard mark(hopefully since I am one of those guys).

Vikings 45 Lions 14

Raiders @ Saints

Could be another interesting game. the Raiders(mostly Al Davis) is trying to show that they don't need Lane Kiffin and that Davis can actually put together a good team, and I think that they could be a good team. Great? no. But good. That said, Al is a horrible owner that sticks himself way too far into the coaching. Until he stops that, they won't reach their potential. They have OK wide receivers(nothing special), a good quarterback with great potential, and 2 stellar running backs. But when the owner is showing his coaches no job security, it is more the coach coaching for his job and not coaching to make the team better. I think that Drew Brees and is crew will have a pretty good game, which will give them the W. The Raiders won't go down easy though.

Saints 31 Raiders 21

Bengals @ Jets

The Jets defense is horrible...hideous at times. They have been lucky that in the wins, the offense has really stepped up. That has to change, especially with these Bengals. "They are 0 and 5 though" is what you are thinking, right? Well mark my words, the Bengals are still a dangerous team with a defense that just is struggling like they have for a while now. It is that reason that they haven't won. One of these games the defense will step up HUGE and they will win a game or a few. They just have to get something to build on. That said, two horrible defenses and 2 pretty good offenses will make this game an offensive battle with the team who has the best defense winning. In my mind, that will be the Jets, but it should be a good game.

Jets 34 Bengals 27

Panthers @ Bucs

Should be a competitive game. I really don't know who will win because they are 2 very evenly matched teams. Good receivers, good quarterbacks, although it sounds like Jeff Garcia will start which is good for the Bucs because he will be trying to win his job back. Just because of that I am giving it to the Bucs by a slim margin.

Bucs 27 Panthers 20

Rams @ Redskins

Horrible game unless you have Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, or any other Redskin on your fantasy team. This will be a bad year for the Rams. I also think that Jim Haslett is not the right guy for the job. Too much of a wreck.

Skins 45 Rams 3

Dolphins @ Texans

Reliant Stadium seems like a wreck still from what players said last week. Doesn't matter in this game though. The Texans don't have a quality quarterback. Or offense. Or defense. Steve Slayton should be on a better team. He is too good for the Texans. Dolphins are on fire and are a force to reckon with. With that said, the Fins won't kill them, but they will win.

Fins 34 Texans 27

Bears @ Falcons

Home field advantage for the Falcons will be the name of this game. The Bears are doing pretty well and so are the Falcons. Should be a much better game then the Falcons Packer game last week. I'm saying last second field goal wins it or maybe a touchdown, but I'm going to stick with a 3 point win for the Falcons. Plus I like Matt Ryan.

Falcons 23 Bears 20

Jags @ Broncos

Umm, what to say about this game. Jay Cutler is better than David Garrard and also had better options even with Scheffler out for the game. I doubt Royal will start either. Even with them out, it will be the Ponies game. The Jags are in a rough spot right now.

Ponies 34 Kats 27

Dallas @ Cardinals

Should be a pretty good game. The Cardinals are still good without Boldin. The 'Boys are still the 'Boys. Just because of Romo, Barber, Jones, and their solid offense they will win. They Cowboys are too good to lose this game.

Cowboys 42 Cardinals 35

Eagles @49ers

Not even a game

Eagles 35 Niners 10

Packers @ Seahawks

With Rodgers having a bad shoulder(although it didn't really affect him), and the running game not working, it could be an ugly game. If the Seahawks can get the run game going like they want to, and against the Packers you can, it will be an ugly game. Plus the Seahawks have that amazing crowd that they have. If it was in Lambeau I would give it to the Packers, but this game will be Seattle's.

Seahawks 34 Packers 24

Patriots @ San Diego

Both of these teams are better than they are playing. San Diego is beat up and their O-Line is horrendous. Chambers is probably out, LT is beat up. The D just isn't what it has been. It will be a better game than the score shows.

Pats 35 Bolts 23

Giants @ Browns

The Browns are looking horrible right now. Edwards just isn't doing anything, and Anderson isn't what he was last year. The only thing keeping them in games is the semi good defense they have. The Giants are on fire. Eli Manning is doing better than his brother right now and the whole team is just clicking. Jeremy Shockey was the piece that hurt them for a few years. Now there is no player yelling because he isn't getting the ball and the Giant's defense is playing great as well. Will they stumble, yes. But not in this game.

Giants 30 Browns 17


Bills, Steelers, Titans, Chiefs

There are some ugly games this week and then there are some games that have the chance to be really really good games. We shall see how right I am, but I truly believe what I said and I will stand by it. Any questions, leave a comment and I will answer them. Otherwise have a great weekend! I should do more posting, but just leaving it early!