Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 6 pre-games

So, since I really haven't posted much lately, I'm going to have a nice long post. I will be going over and giving my thoughts on each game this week with a score. Will I be right with the scores? Highly doubtful but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Ravens @ Colts:

Should be an interesting game. You look at it and say "easy win for the Ravens"(at least that's what I thought). The more I got to thinking though, it should really be a good game. It seems like maybe the Colts offense is starting to pick it up a little and maybe, just maybe the defense is getting better. It's a stretch I know, but if I'm right, it should be a close game

Ravens over the Colts 24-21

Lions @ Vikings

I'd like to say this will be a good game, but not even close. The Lions defense is pretty non existent and that goes for the offense too. It is quite sad that the Lions have 2 great receivers that can't really prove themselves. Everyone knows Roy Williams is quality, but nobody really knows about Calvin Johnson. He has showed bursts, but he also hasn't had a good quarterback for a while. Matt Millen really messed them up. With the Lions D being as bad as it is, AD will run all over them and Gus will throw all over the field. Won't be a game worth watching unless you have AD on your team to see him make a run at the 300 yard mark(hopefully since I am one of those guys).

Vikings 45 Lions 14

Raiders @ Saints

Could be another interesting game. the Raiders(mostly Al Davis) is trying to show that they don't need Lane Kiffin and that Davis can actually put together a good team, and I think that they could be a good team. Great? no. But good. That said, Al is a horrible owner that sticks himself way too far into the coaching. Until he stops that, they won't reach their potential. They have OK wide receivers(nothing special), a good quarterback with great potential, and 2 stellar running backs. But when the owner is showing his coaches no job security, it is more the coach coaching for his job and not coaching to make the team better. I think that Drew Brees and is crew will have a pretty good game, which will give them the W. The Raiders won't go down easy though.

Saints 31 Raiders 21

Bengals @ Jets

The Jets defense is horrible...hideous at times. They have been lucky that in the wins, the offense has really stepped up. That has to change, especially with these Bengals. "They are 0 and 5 though" is what you are thinking, right? Well mark my words, the Bengals are still a dangerous team with a defense that just is struggling like they have for a while now. It is that reason that they haven't won. One of these games the defense will step up HUGE and they will win a game or a few. They just have to get something to build on. That said, two horrible defenses and 2 pretty good offenses will make this game an offensive battle with the team who has the best defense winning. In my mind, that will be the Jets, but it should be a good game.

Jets 34 Bengals 27

Panthers @ Bucs

Should be a competitive game. I really don't know who will win because they are 2 very evenly matched teams. Good receivers, good quarterbacks, although it sounds like Jeff Garcia will start which is good for the Bucs because he will be trying to win his job back. Just because of that I am giving it to the Bucs by a slim margin.

Bucs 27 Panthers 20

Rams @ Redskins

Horrible game unless you have Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, or any other Redskin on your fantasy team. This will be a bad year for the Rams. I also think that Jim Haslett is not the right guy for the job. Too much of a wreck.

Skins 45 Rams 3

Dolphins @ Texans

Reliant Stadium seems like a wreck still from what players said last week. Doesn't matter in this game though. The Texans don't have a quality quarterback. Or offense. Or defense. Steve Slayton should be on a better team. He is too good for the Texans. Dolphins are on fire and are a force to reckon with. With that said, the Fins won't kill them, but they will win.

Fins 34 Texans 27

Bears @ Falcons

Home field advantage for the Falcons will be the name of this game. The Bears are doing pretty well and so are the Falcons. Should be a much better game then the Falcons Packer game last week. I'm saying last second field goal wins it or maybe a touchdown, but I'm going to stick with a 3 point win for the Falcons. Plus I like Matt Ryan.

Falcons 23 Bears 20

Jags @ Broncos

Umm, what to say about this game. Jay Cutler is better than David Garrard and also had better options even with Scheffler out for the game. I doubt Royal will start either. Even with them out, it will be the Ponies game. The Jags are in a rough spot right now.

Ponies 34 Kats 27

Dallas @ Cardinals

Should be a pretty good game. The Cardinals are still good without Boldin. The 'Boys are still the 'Boys. Just because of Romo, Barber, Jones, and their solid offense they will win. They Cowboys are too good to lose this game.

Cowboys 42 Cardinals 35

Eagles @49ers

Not even a game

Eagles 35 Niners 10

Packers @ Seahawks

With Rodgers having a bad shoulder(although it didn't really affect him), and the running game not working, it could be an ugly game. If the Seahawks can get the run game going like they want to, and against the Packers you can, it will be an ugly game. Plus the Seahawks have that amazing crowd that they have. If it was in Lambeau I would give it to the Packers, but this game will be Seattle's.

Seahawks 34 Packers 24

Patriots @ San Diego

Both of these teams are better than they are playing. San Diego is beat up and their O-Line is horrendous. Chambers is probably out, LT is beat up. The D just isn't what it has been. It will be a better game than the score shows.

Pats 35 Bolts 23

Giants @ Browns

The Browns are looking horrible right now. Edwards just isn't doing anything, and Anderson isn't what he was last year. The only thing keeping them in games is the semi good defense they have. The Giants are on fire. Eli Manning is doing better than his brother right now and the whole team is just clicking. Jeremy Shockey was the piece that hurt them for a few years. Now there is no player yelling because he isn't getting the ball and the Giant's defense is playing great as well. Will they stumble, yes. But not in this game.

Giants 30 Browns 17


Bills, Steelers, Titans, Chiefs

There are some ugly games this week and then there are some games that have the chance to be really really good games. We shall see how right I am, but I truly believe what I said and I will stand by it. Any questions, leave a comment and I will answer them. Otherwise have a great weekend! I should do more posting, but just leaving it early!

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