Friday, October 10, 2008

Kiffin/Russell story

Just a short one today. Here is a story for you to read from (one of my favorite websites. They have stuff posted before anyone else!)

Posted by Mike Florio on October 9, 2008, 11:04 a.m. EDT

That sound you hear in the distance is every laser printer in the Raiders organization spitting out a cease and desist letter.
Amazingly, fired Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin has been contacting quarterback JaMarcus Russell. With coaching advice.
For example, Kiffin called Russell on Monday night to discuss the Saints’ defense. The Raiders play in New Orleans on Sunday.
He just called and talked to me about their defense, things he would do if he was here,” Russell said, according to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times. “So, really, nothing changed.”
And it wasn’t an isolated incident.
“He has got a lot of off time on his hands,” Russell said, “so he would pay attention to the defense I would have to go up against. He leaves me a text message or a voice mail here or there.”
There’s no way that this chapter of the Davis vs. Kiffin feud ends well. The Raiders have coaches in place to tell Russell how to do his job. Kiffin is no longer one of them. Regardless of whether you’re in the pro-Raiders or anti-Raiders camp, Kiffin needs to keep his nose out of the situation.
The same theory applies in any other workplace in the world. Once an employee has been fired — especially when that employee had a key role in the organization — the employee should not be calling up his past subordinates with advice on how to do their jobs.
Though the Raiders are currently as dysfunctional as a pro sports franchise west of Detroit can get, a responsible organization would take swift and decisive action to bring all communication between the current quarterback and former head coach to an end.

I see nothing wrong with this. Kiffin still is taking an interest in the development in Russell and i believe there is no difference with that and high school or college coaches giving advice. It seems like Kiffin, who I am a big fan of, is just pointing out stuff that the coaches might not catch in game film or that the coaches have caught, told JaMarcus to pay extra attention to it. It doesn’t seem like he is telling Russell to blow off his coaches and listen to him. He is still taking interest in the team and Russell and it will only help him and the Raiders in the long run. They have an extra pair of eyes watching the games of their opponents and them. Nothing wrong with what he is doing at all. He isn’t working for another team so it isn’t tampering. This story has me kind of mad because it's a total over reaction on all the reporters part. I guarantee that as soon as Al Davis finds out, it will be more anti-kiffin propaganda spewing out of his wrinkly face. I am not a fan of Al's what so ever. I'm done with my rant. haha. Have a nice day. I'll write again soon.

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