Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week 5/Thoughts

So, I'm feeling lazy today, so I will just touch on a few things. First off, the Texans really are as bad as people think. They were ahead by what....14? They still couldn't pull out the win against a struggling Colts team. The giants are 4 and 0 thanks to them being a complete team, that without Shockey still there isn't really a "give me the ball" guy. There are no negative distractions, and they are in the zone. Good for them! The Packers are exactly what I thought they were...NOT the same team from last year. Aaron Rodgers just doesn't have the leadership qualities or the big play making abilities that Favre has(or depending on what you see had). He is a decent starting quarterback that hopefully will grow and become the quarterback that the Packers want him to be. I do have to applaud him for showing that he can play with a shoulder injury. I think he has gotten more respect from all the fans and the media. Miami is a team to look out for in the future(even this year). They are a dangerous team that is finding their place. Chad Pennington was a great pick up for them. He isn't the best quarterback, but he is solid. He is definately not a big play guy but thats not what the Dolphins needed. They needed someone who could just complete a 5 to 10 yard consistantly, and thats what they got. Now that they have a quarterback, Ronnie Brown can finally do his thing. There are a few teams who are in trouble when they shouldn't be including the Packers, Colt, Bolts, and the Pats. Matt Cassel is a good enough quarterback to where they should be doing SO much better. Chargers are now in a MUST win situation compared to the must win situation. The AFC is so good that they are quickly falling behind. AND HOW ABOUT THEM REDSKINS!!! I've been waiting for years for my "watch the redskins. They will be good" statements to pay off and this year it is!

So those are just a few of my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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