Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm back and ready to go! First topic. Michael Vick.

So I was trying to think about what to come back with, and I figured I would start off with what seems a very controversial topic in the sports world...Michael Vick coming back to the NFL/football. It seems like the majority of people believe that while what Vick did was extremely bad and he should pay for his sponsoring dog fighting, that he already paid his dues and deserves another chance. He spent time in prison, lost the majority of his possessions, lost a lot of respect from the people he personally needs respect from, and lost a lot of time on the football field. It will be a long time until he is financially stable, if he ever is again.

On the other hand, he tortured and murdered dogs that if raised right, would have been great house pets. He paid money to teach dogs to attack other dogs and for others to do the same. He won and lost money in the fights that took place in his back yard. It has been a long time since the nation has witnessed something like that on our own soil. PETA is saying that they will back off MV if he will show he is remorseful for his actions.(Personally, I think PETA is a group of nut cases. The majority should be checked into a psychiatric ward as evidenced here. That is just my opinion though.) He has yet to do so which makes people wonder if he is truly remorseful.

So, what is my opinion you may ask? Well I fully believe there can be equal ground. Let Michael Vick play, because you are not only hurting him, but you are hurting the fans that still remain with him. You are hurting the game by taking away possibly one of the most exciting quarterbacks my generation knows, a quarterback that could and can possibly still run like a running back and at the same time pass like Kyle Orton during his good games. He was and possibly could still be a very exciting quarterback. Our version of Fran Tarkenton. He would be a great draw at games. Teams with horrible attendance should pick him up. Their attendance would be up for at least half a season with the usual fans and others just to boo him. While there may be some bad P.R., it would bring more people into the stadium and he could help the team win. He would play(I'm sure) for the veteran minimum just to prove himself. He wants to play again and prove himself to everybody.

Which leads to making him look better in the eyes of PETA and the nation. He really wants to play football, and I'm sure with anybody. Any team could make up a special contract just for him to where he HAS to volunteer a certain number of hours at a humane society or something of similar nature, make Public Service Announcements for TV and Radio, and go talk at schools and anywhere else where he could make an impact. It would lessen the PR hit on the team who takes him while also possibly making PETA happy. It would make the team look like it cares for the player and community.

The biggest obstacle will be talking Roger Goodell into accepting him back into the league and finding a team who would want him. It can and hopefully will be done, because I think that the NFL and football in general needs someone like Michael Vick, to make the game even more interesting than it is right now. We have Adrian Peterson(the Minnesota version), Payton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald. Why not add a player to bring the game something that it doesn't have right now... a true scrambling quarterback. I am all for it, and I can't wait until it happens again...if it does.

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