Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 3

What a week! New England gets upset, the Giants and the lowly Bengals go into overtime, and Minnesota stopped the Panther's come from behind streak(which I know you were all waiting for on Sunday!) With that said, here is the rundown on a few of the games.

Vikes over Panthers:

Was it just me, or do the Vikings look a lot better with Gus than with Mr. Jackson?? You could watch the offense and see that they were just way more comfortable and had a lot more faith in him that he would make the plays when they needed him to. 16-28 for 204 isn't a bad game at all for someone who was brought in to be a security blanket. So much for "Tavaris is our quarterback" right Childress?? Don't get me wrong, the Kitties played a good game too. This game was definitely won by the Viking defense.

New England loses to the Dolphins:

What?! Did I just write that right? Even without Tom Brady they should still beat the Dolphins! There were two big stories in this game. Ronnie Brown had an AMAZING game that I don't think a running back will beat this year. 4 rushing touchdowns and a TD pass! Amazing. He had more passing touchdowns than his starting quarterback and 113 rushing yards. The second story? The Patriots defense looked more than lost. They looked half dead. They couldn't stop anything. I'm pretty sure a pee-wee football team could have come in and won. Ok. Maybe not, but seriously. I don't think I have ever seen them look that lost. Joey Porter was right and I think even he was a little surprised at how right he was. The Patriots definitely are not the same team minus Brady.

Dallas beats Green Bay:

This was suppose to be a good game, but it was far from that. The Packers defense had so many big holes a Mack truck could have fit through them. The secondary got beat up and now the word is Al Harris will be out for the year. Both QBs played great games which says tons about both defenses, but the running game for the 'Boys was spectacular. Marion Barber had almost double of what all the Packs backs had combined. The backup for Dallas Felix Jones had more yards than the Packers Ryan Grant, their starter. Dallas's number 4 receiver, who to the defense of the packers was the leading receiver for Dallas had the same yards as Greg Jennings. It was just a rough day for the packers.

Final thoughts here....There are some impressive 3 and 0 teams right now including the Bills, the Broncos, the Titans, and of course the Super Bowl champs the New York Giants and the Cowboys. The Ravens are a very impressive 2 and 0. Then there are the 0 and 3 teams...including the Bengals, Rams, Lions, Browns, and the Chiefs. There's also the 0 and 2 Texans. It should be an interesting season and hopefully it will stay like that.

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