Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 2

So here it is. My thoughts on week 2 of the NFL season. There were some amazing games and some surprising 2-0 teams. For example....WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THE PANTHERS??!!! They keep coming back from behind to beat what seems to be quality teams. Last week they come back to beat the Chargers, who, by the way, should pick it up soon. They have too many quality players to be down for too long. It will be like last year. If not, Norm will be out of a job by years end. This week the Panthers beat the Bears, who have looked great so far! But here is my run down/opinions of some of the bigger games from week 2.


Easy win for the Colts turns into a game that almost and should have turned into an upset for the Vikings. The Vikings led 9 nothing at half, and then only scored 6 points for the rest of the game. More importantly, their defense which has always in recent years been a power house gave up 18 points in the second half. Adrian Peterson looked great as always, but Tavaris Jackson just seems to be in a permanent learning stage. Payton looked like he always has and Anthony Gonzalez is the one of the best up and coming wide outs in the game.


How long will the Panther's come from behind wins keep going? Jake Delhomme showed great poise and great nerve control in beating the bears who look like they could be a contender to win the NFC North. Jonathan Stewart is doing a great job at making sure that the Panthers are going to have a back that will keep defenses on their toes.


Vince who??? With Vince young nursing an injury (and apparently his emotions), Kerry Collins led the team to a very impressive win over the Bengals. Sure the Bengals are struggling. They are still a very solid team with great players. Look for the Bengals to also come back to fighting form soon!


In what many thought would be a Jets win, Matt Cassel stepped up and showed that even without Tom Brady they will be a force to recon with. He has all the weapons to lead the team to the playoffs. I never had doubts that Cassel could lead the Patriots effectively. He, like Aaron Rodgers, has had a few years to learn from one of the greats, and he showed that he payed attention to everything his coaches and Brady has taught him. The Jets defense showed holes just like week one. Brett Favre once again spread out the ball to keep the game within reach, and the rushing attack was exactly as was expected against the tough New England defense but the defense has struggled so far this year. You can guarantee that the defense will get a lot if work this week.


What a game this was. Jay Cutler showed that he is the QB the Broncs need to lead his team. He is a great leader and a very smart quarterback. 4 touchdowns, an interception and 350 yards passing is a pretty successful game for any young quarterback. He played like a 10 year veteran. When they were down, he lead his team down the field to get 6 points. Then, with the game on the line, he threw a great pass to Eddie Royal for the 2 point conversion. You may argue that he lost the ball, which he did, and he never should have had the chance to win the game. It was a fumble and even the ref admitted it after the replay. That is the kind of breaks that make football great. On the other side of the field, the Philip Rivers had a great game as well with 3 touchdowns, an interception and 377 yards passing. Both defenses struggled in the high scoring game, but that will happen when you put two high powered offenses on the same field.


What a game this was. High energy and high scoring. It was definitely the game of the week. I'm almost positive that you will see these two teams in the NFC Championship. Donovan McNabb is back to the top of his game and Tony Romo is showing that he is a great quarterback no matter what his playoff record is. Terrell Owens is still a top wideout and rookie DeSean Jackson is showing he should have been drafted higher. He is playing great right now. When this game comes around again, in the words of T.O. "Getcha Popcorn Ready."

Just got word that the Vikings are starting Gus over Tavaris. Should be interesting against the Panthers.

And my picks for Week 3 games:

Atlanta over KC
Oakland over Buffalo
Chicago over Tampa
Carolina over Minnesota
NE over Miami
Giants over Cinci
Tennessee over Houston
Washington over Arizona
Denver over New Orleans
Detroit over San Fran
St Louis over Seattle
Cleveland over Baltimore
Indy over Jacksonville
Philly over Pittsburgh
Green Bay over Dallas(upset special)
Jets over San Diego

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