Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok. So I am not a Raiders fan...not by any means. But from what I can tell, they are in a tough spot and there is only one person to blame in my eyes...AL DAVIS. But what about Lane Kiffin you may say? Well. Keep this in mind. Kiffin has publicly and it hadn't been a secret that Al Davis picks all of the assistant coaches. Kiffin has no say in which players that the Raiders get. The raiders biggest pick up this season so far have been a rookie and a player with a bum knee. Don't get me wrong. They could be good, they just need the coordinators and assistant coaches that have the ability to teach them. I like James Lofton. He is a HOF WR but its not really the wide recievers that need help. They strickly need wide recievers. He has really nobody to work with. Here is the list of recivers:

84 Javon Walker
15 Johnnie Lee Higgins
81 Chaz Schilens
89 Ronald Curry
19 Todd Watkins
87 Ashley Lelie

Tell me how many PROVEN receivers there are. I see 2. I see 3 receivers names that I recognize. Walker, Curry, and Lelie. Curry is a good receiver. I can't say anything about him. Walker hasn't been healthy since he tore his knee up in Green Bay and Ashley Lelie is a disappointment. Way to give J. Russell options there Al.

The Raiders, to Al's defense, do have very good running attack with Justin Fargas and Darren McFadden. You have two backs that will bring the defense to the line and keep them on their toes. Will they run or will they pass? That is the question you want the defense to think at all times, but their receiving is so weak that most defenses can just play man with their corners and maybe keep the safeties back and the receivers are covered. Blitz a LB or 2, and the defense will still be fine.

From looking at their depth chart, the Raiders have some talented players, they just need help being developed. When a coach can't have the cast that he wants, the movie just won't work. I don't expect the Raiders to pick it up soon, especially is Al Davis is as stupid as everyone thinks he is and fires Lane Kiffin.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate the Raiders. I'm not trying to hate on the Raiders. I'm hating on Al Davis. I don't think he has done anything good in at least 6 years. It looks like it should be to be six coaches in the past eight years. Does anyone think that in 1 and a third of a year is enough to turn a team around from a laughing stock and perennial loser? I'm trying to think. I believe the last time that they weren't laughed at and considered a probable bottom 5 team was when Gruden was coach there and maybe the year or 2 layover that most good coaches have. Al Davis couldn't even get along with him, and he was winning!!!

The point of this was to say Al Davis needs to go. NOT Lane Kiffin. Lane could be and would be a great coach if he actually had any say in what happened with HIS team. The team that Davis hired him to take over. But when the owner is so stubborn and stupid that he won't let the Head Coach have any say, you wont get anywhere. And that will be what happens with the Raiders year after year after year until Davis is done with the franchise.

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